5151 E Grant Rd. Tucson, AZ 85712
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Additional Spaces

More Spaces for you to choose.

Private Meeting Rooms

Suites 200 and 300 are perfect for interviews or small group sessions. 

Outdoor Spaces

We have our courtyard and gazebo space as well as the Pima Patio on the 2nd floor for smaller groups.

Private Dining Space

The Glowbal Restaurant and Bar has private dining spaces with TV’s in each space for your group gathering.

Suite 200 & 300

These private meeting rooms encourage more intimate meetings or interviews. Has a bathroom in each room and wet bar. These rooms are a must for small group sessions that need true interaction.

Our Outdoor Spaces

Our Gazebo and Courtyard can provide a perfect backdrop for ceremonies, and cocktail receptions. On the 2nd floor, the Pima Patio can give your small group meetings a breath of fresh air. We can have a bartender on the patio with you complimenting a meeting break or cocktail hour. 

Private Dining Rooms at the Glowbal

The Glowbal Restaurant and Bar offers two private dining rooms that can hold up to 40 people in the Pacific Dining Room and 20 in the Atlantic Dining Room. If you don’t need catering for your group and would prefer a calm restaurant meal, this could be the perfect option for you.